Changes to Solar Panels imported for rural destinations

Further information available: DAFF Industry advice notice 224-2023: 224-2023: Changes to lodgement of documentation for imported Solar Panels through the class 19.1 Non Commodity for Containerised Cargo Clearance (NCCC) approved arrangement - DAFF (agriculture.gov.au) DAFF rural post code classifications: https://www.agriculture.gov.au/biosecurity-trade/import/online-services/delivery-postcode-classifications Department of Agriculture (DAFF) today released an update regarding FCL’s of solar panels

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What is a free trade agreement?

What is a free trade agreement? It is an agreement that assists to eliminate or reduce barriers to trade and investment on imported and exported goods between agreed parties. They can be bilateral agreements, between two parties, two economies, and also regional agreements, between more than 2 parties. What do free trade agreements mean

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